Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

Our highly qualified technicians can help you determine which system is right for your needs. If you have an existing system, we can easily replace this and ensure your new system is expertly fitted, in a prime location where it is guaranteed to generate optimal exposure from the sun.

200 litre system

This storage capacity is recommended for households with 1-3 people and medium hot water demands. The tank is connected to a 1 panel collector.

  • 200 litre tank
  • single panel (1x high efficient solar collector)
  • Ideal when ground space is limited
  • 5 year warranty on tank and collectors
    *conditions apply.

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300 litre system

We recommend a 300L systems for households with 3-5 people and high hot water demands. The tank is connected to 2 panel collectors.

  • 300 litre tank
  • double panel (2x high efficient solar collector)
  • Ideal when ground space is limited
  • 5 year warranty on tank and collectors
    *conditions apply

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The Benefits of Solar

Eurosun roof mounted solar hot water systems deliver outstanding results that are good for your pocket and the environment.

Expert installation

Our professional team of installers carefully calculate the optimal positioning of your panels to ensure maximum power generation.

Finance available

Purchase and install your solar hot water system over time with our hassle free payment plans.

Certified Experience

Our reputation is built from more than 20 years experience in delivering innovative solar hot water solutions.

24/7 Chat service

Our reputation is built from more than 20 years experience in delivering innovative solar hot water solutions.

Reliable service

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised, friendly and dependable service to every customer.

Not sure if a solar hot water system is right for you? Contact us today to speak with one of our qualified technicians for more information about these life-changing solar water heaters.

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Highly efficient solar collectors fitted to your roof absorb the sun’s energy during the day to heat your water. The heated water is passed through and stored in an insulated tank, which is also mounted to the roof ready for your use. On overcast days, an in-tank heating element will activate itself and heat stored water when temperatures drop below a set point.

Our systems also include an electric booster, which acts as a backup for those days when the sun is not shining or if usual demand is exceeded. Gas booster options are also available. This ensures your home always has a continuous flow of hot water when needed.

Installing a solar hot water system can seem like an overwhelming task. Many people ask, “Isn’t it expensive?” “Doesn’t it take a long time to install?” “Is it even worth it?”

Here at Eurosun, we are confident in saying that the power of solar energy is well worth it, and the upsides far outweigh the negatives. In fact, most people may be unaware of the incredible benefits of heating your water by the solar power of our Sun.

As your local expert solar heating specialist, Eurosun makes installing a new solar hot water system in your Perth home a simple and painless endeavour. Enjoy the benefits of reliable hot water, all while reducing harmful environmental emissions and saving money on your energy bill. With professional assistance, high-quality tanks and panels, and flexible financing, it’s the perfect time to start letting the hot Australian sun work for you.

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Benefits of Solar Hot Water

  • Reliable hot water: Some Australians are skeptical of solar hot water systems, assuming that when it’s cloudy, or during the night, they’ll have no hot water. While it’s a sound argument, solar water heaters actually have the capability to provide hot water, no matter the weather or time of day. Our systems are able to store the energy they do receive from the sun when it’s sunny out and use it at a later time, thus providing a reliable hot water source 24 hours a day.

Of course, solar panels are more effective in sunnier areas; perhaps places like London or Seattle wouldn’t be exceptional at capturing solar energy. But down here in Perth, we’re confident that you’ll never have to worry that solar power will run out, leaving you to take cold showers. Enjoy reliable hot water from the Aussie sunshine, day or night.

  • Environmentally friendly: One of the biggest perks of solar hot water systems and probably the reason most Australians are interested in installing them is that they help to reduce harmful emissions into our environment.

Traditional water heaters are the leading single generator of greenhouse gases. Also, when compared to electric water heaters, solar heaters use one-third of the energy. This means that by installing a solar hot water system, you’ll not only be reducing greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere, but you’ll also use less energy.

  • Save money and increase value: Since solar hot water systems use less energy than electric water heaters, your overall energy bills will be lower as the process becomes more efficient.

You’ll also find that with solar energy, your bills won’t fluctuate as much. In the traditional model, government actions and weather conditions can greatly impact your energy bills from month to month. With such fluctuations, it can be difficult to create and stick to a budget. With a solar hot water system, your energy bills will level out and be more consistent with each pay period. Not only can this simplify your life, it can improve your finances…and state of mind.

In addition, your property value will most likely increase substantially with the addition of solar power to your home. Especially in a place like Australia, where the sun is always shining, a solar hot water system instantly adds value to your home. Installing solar equipment does require a substantial upfront expenditure; but just know that by increasing the overall value of your property as well as saving money, you’ll truly be getting a high return on your investment.

  • Australian Government Rebates: With environmental concerns growing more dire with each passing day, the Australian government has created incentives for homeowners to employ better energy practices. When you install a solar hot water system, you’ll earn rebates in the form of tax breaks and other advantageous incentives.

Not only will you be reducing harmful emissions, but you’ll also get a reliable solar hot water system that saves money on energy bills and increases the overall value of your home…and you’ll receive government rebates for your smart thinking.

Don’t wait any longer to have a brand new solar hot water system installed in your home! Give us a ring for information on our top-rated Eurosun Perth solar water heaters and start saving money today!

Finance Options Available

Everyone’s circumstances are different and we understand that a full payment upfront may not be ideal. This is why we offer flexible payment options that allow you to pay for your solar hot water system over time. For more information contact our team on:

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Solar Hot Water Service

Eurosun’s expert solar technicians provide system installations and repair through Solar Repairs Perth. Our solar hot water service is offered throughout Perth and surrounding suburbs. View our location list for more information.

Your solar hot water system comes with a 5-year warranty on tanks and panels, and a 1-year warranty on parts and labour. Visit our Warranty page to ensure you are eligible to receive your warranty.

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